Hi there! My name is Elsa, and I am the hands behind everything you are reading in this blog. I am a Mexican mom of two little girls, Julia who is 4 years old and Estela who is only 6 weeks old. I also have the best life partner I could ask for, my husband Amado. We moved abroad together in 2012 to Stockholm, which quickly became our second home. After 6 years we moved to Monza in Italy and have been here for around 2 years. We are about to relocate back to Mexico after over eight years living abroad.

I am currently on maternity leave and normally work at a multinational company as a process expert. I love writing, reading, languages and traveling. I am a huge fanatic of childhood. Since becoming a mother my life completely changed, I strongly believe that as parents we can change the world through the way we raise our children. That is where this blog was born, Amado (my husband) and I, share our passion for traveling and he said if I love traveling and writing so much why not turn it into something I can share with the rest?

And so I did. I started Family Meets World as a way to share with other parents that life doesn’t end after having children, that there are many ways to be the best parent to your children than the conventional way that most of us were raised by, and that opposite to what many may think traveling with children is one of the most amazing and fulfilling things one can do as a parent. For me traveling with children doesn’t mean exotic trips to Asia, Europe or the Americas, although if you can do that you won’t regret it. Traveling with children for me means spending meaningful time with them, making your everyday life feel like the world’s best adventure, because you don’t have to leave your hometown to have special moments with your children.

After becoming a mom I realised how fast time passes and how important it is that we don’t live our lives by accident so I have started to follow an intentional lifestyle, in which I am in charge of my own life and my own choices and life doesn’t just happen to me. Trying to have an intentional life and being an intentional parent has allowed me to make space for the things in life that are most important for me. Do you know what are the things in life that are most important for you? I hope that by reading me I will at least make you think of it.