One of the greatest things about starting this blog and sharing about our travels on social media is the people that we have come across. Even if it is not face to face it is great to come across like minded people, who share similar interests and who also have lots of stories to tell. That’s how I met Kristina on Twitter when she was looking for other travel bloggers to start an Instagram travel photo challenge during September. I thought it was a fun idea and quickly jumped on board.

After a bit of back and forth we decided to host together with Becky a 9 day photo challenge on the 9th month. We will start the challenge on September 1st, and it will go on for 9 days. Each day has a topic and we will be sharing photos from our travels related to that particular topic. Do you want to join us? It is pretty simple:

  1. Follow the hosts in your preferred platform (Instagram or Twitter) so that you get the picture with the topic of the day everyday.
  2. Post a travel picture that matches the topic of the day. Use the challenge hashtag #IGtravelchallenge and tag us so we can see it!
  3. Have fun! and enjoy the picture everyone’s sharing.

Who are your hosts for this challenge:

Why should you participate?

  • You can find more interesting accounts to follow and gain more followers
  • Discover new cool places to visit
  • Share your pictures with other travel lovers
  • We will be re-posting our favorite pictures throughout the challenge so your pictures will be seen by a wider audience.

How much time will it take?

Honestly this travel photo challenge will take as much as you want it to take. If you are on Twitter or Instagram you are likely already sharing some of your content. You can decide to prepare the pictures in advance so that you are ready to post them when the day comes or simply wait for the day and post your picture. That is entirely up to you! as you see the daily topics are quite easy to follow and pictures that you probably anyway already have.

travel photo challenge
Topics for the travel photo challenge

You can read Gallivanting Souls original post about this challenge, she writes some examples of what you can do and has some great resources on how to plan your IG content in the same post.

Happy posting!


We are a family living abroad since 2012. We love to travel with our toddler and want to share with you that traveling with kids doesn't have to be complicated no matter where you go.

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